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New Wichita Kansas Resident

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Morning everyone just wanted to say hi. My wife is stationed at McConnell. I have fished a few lakes so far but im always looking for new people to fish with. Im a non boater for now. If yoi want to get together shoot me a PM.
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I could intoduce you to a few folks and also point you in the direction of a few pretty good ponds that can be fished from shore. One of my fishing buds just recently retired from there and is now working for the railroad.


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welcome aboard.your in a good area to hook up with some great people.


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Ahhh ahhhh Kansas!

I lived there for many years, lived in Derby and Douglass.  Can't really help with fishing buddies, but my favorite lake in the area is Winfield City Lake. Lots of places to bank fish and most years it was pretty good fishing.

I don't know if you can still fish the dam (post 9-11) but I have caught truckloads of nice fish off the dam at Cheney.


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Shoot me a PM sometime and we can hook up and fish my neighborhood ponds.  It is all bank fishing but can be really good from time to time.  If this crazy weather would ever settle down it will get darn good for awhile up until it gets really hot.  Then the best time to fish the ponds is after dark.

See Ya,