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Osage State Lake 4/17

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Chris and I fished Osage State Lake in the beautiful weather today. We had white caps all day, 38 degrees at the ramp, 39 when we left. It drizzled on us until it started sleeting. The fish didn't seem to mind though. Water temps ranged from 47.9-50.2 and was fairly stained but not muddy. Neither of us had ever fished the lake so we just went on what we normally fish on small lakes early in the year. Most of our fish were on a wart or spinnerbait with quite a few on jerkbaits, and a few on jigs, tubes, and shakyheads. Lots of little fish but a few bigger fish to keep it interesting. This lake would be a blast with topwater when the water warms up and I'm excited to go back when it gets warmer out. Lots of rocks, brushpiles, shoreline weeds, stumps, and fishing piers. We caught over 50 bass and 2 wipers. I had the biggest one of the day 30 minutes after we got there on a tube next to a brushpile and she popped it and pulled really hard before I grabbed her. She went 5.22 pounds and was really happy to get back into the water and out of the cold air