Ardent Edge Elite 6.5:1 Right Hand 12 bearings- MADE IN USA

Started by Pacific NW Ron, April 24, 2013, 10:00:22 AM

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Pacific NW Ron

Ardent Edge Elite 6.5:1 12 bearing right hand Made in the USA casting reel with a 3 year factory warranty.  I don't see much talk about Ardent on this forum.  These are great USA made reels.  I'm going to offer UB members one at a deal of $275.00 shipped to see if I can get some talk about them going. Retail on these is $329.99.   If interested Call or PM me.  Ron   360-757-8171
The Ardent Edge Elite delivers the ultimate Edge in on the water performance. Ardents new light weight low-profile frame provides the comfort and strength for all day fishing. Twelve (12) ABEC stainless steel ball bearings produce incredibly smooth retrieve and casting distance that will give you the Edge. Featuring the patent pending Drag Tracking Technology DTT, an extra long carbon fiber handle, and carbon fiber drag washers gives you the added Edge in fish fighting power. Line Indicator lets you know what size line is on the reel. Carbon fiber finish insuring the finish won't chip or fade.
The patent pending Drag Tracking Technology system on the new Ardent Edge Reels allows the level wind eyelet to track in parallel with the line location on the spool as line is being pulled from the reel in drag mode. This reduces the chance of line break on large fish by eliminating the sharp angles caused by the level wind eyelet being out of sync with the line location on the spool in drag mode as is the case on all other reels.
6.5 or 7.2 to 1 ratio
(DTT) Drag Tracking Technology
413 Cast Aluminum Frame and Handle Cover
12+1 ABEC Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
7075-T6 Aluminum Triple Bearing Spool
Power Carbon Fiber Handle
Carbon/Smoothie Double Drag System
Helical Aircraft Aluminum Drive Gear
6-pin Centrifugal Brake System
3-Year Warranty
Weight 8.7oz.
Enjoying retirement in the great Pacific Northwest.  I've turned into a fair weather angler.  Why do it today when I can do it tomorrow?

Mike Cork

This is one awesome reel, even the looks of it says "I'm a bad mama jama" :-*

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