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Wilson State Fishing Lake 7-20-13

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Fished Wilson SFL outside Buffalo on Saturday. Got out there about 7:00 a.m. air temp 75, water 83-85 depending on which end of the lake. No wind what so ever in the morning.

First fish caught on the first cast, H2O CR3 in bluegill off a rock pile in 8 ft of water. About 2 pounds. Went about 30 minutes with the crank without a bite.

8:15, Tied on a SK Ocho in Blue Craw, wind started blowing a little bit finally. Caught one Spotted bass about 2.5 pounds. Switched to a KVD 1.5 in chartruse/black back.
Worked the back edge of the lake that has a weedline and noticed something floating in the water, turned out to be a rod and reel. Ok, kind of unusual. So I pick it up and start reeling and it felt like it was wrapped up in line on the bottom. I get it about 5  feet from the boat and it had a channel cat on the line! Picture to follow.

9:45- still switching between crankbaits trying to work all the rocks I could find. Worked 3 different cranks and a biffle bug for over an hour with no luck

11:00- almost getting ready to load up but decided to try a rock face in the back end of the lake, it's HOT by now. Threw a Wiggle Wart in phantom green craw. Got the crankbait on the bottom dragging rocks and felt that slight tick. Set the hook with my Diesel crank rod and the fight was on! After being ran around the boat a couple times I got her landed. My guess is around 4.5 lbs. Didnt have a scale. Its my biggest fish I have landed out of this lake. Lost one two weeks ago that would have been on the wall. Fish was caught in 13' of water.

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Nice report and nice bass.that was lucky to find that pole. Every combo I have dropped sank like a rock
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