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Started by basscat1, August 05, 2013, 06:48:44 PM

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 ~c~Hey guy's i'm fairly new to the site. But i'm sure some of you have heard of and used Pro Tec Products. I am the owner of Pro Tec Products and yes a board sponsor. Through Laurie and Mike's persuasion I am offering Ultimate Bass members a 10% discount on any order. Go to and use the coupon code UB10
Ultimate Bass Discount use Code - UB10

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Welcome to Ultimate Bass and thank you for becoming a sponsor !
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Mike Cork

Pro Tec has a lot of great products are already fantastic prices. Tack on a 10% discount and that's a perfect deal.

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Welcome to Ultimate Bass. Your sponsorship of our site is truly appreciated.  ~c~
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Order placed.  I'm patiently waiting because I really dont want to clean the boat. ~roflmao


I have to ask, especially because I religously use another product every time I put the boat back on the trailer...What is the difference in your product and the other "spray on wipe off" type products on the market.


Yes. My Showroom conditioner contains no waxes, which cause build up, and is compatible with all finish products. Our Sealant Polish is a UV protectant sealer not wax. It "seals" your gel coat or paint from the elements that harm it. Feel free to call if you have anymore questions. Joe
Ultimate Bass Discount use Code - UB10

Lee Smith


I use another product on my boat, until I ran into Pro-Tec and used it on a boat I was redoing to sell.  I will never go back.  I always try to use our sponsors of the site, but when it comes to my boat, , , I'm as picky as they come, well, maybe not as picky as Mike  lo  but durn close! 

The sealant/polish worked so well over the old boat that I'm rebuilding, I am putting it on my Champion and will be using the Showroom conditioner from now on. 

After seeing the actual results of these products, I can't imagine using anything else!

Here's some pics
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I just added this to the wish list for Christmas......Ill have one heck of a Christmas when I get home from this deployment.....Still offering the 10%?  If not no biggie.....still gonna order!!  Thanks and FISH ON!!!
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Yes. The discount should always be there. When I run other specials you may not be able to use the coupon in conjunction with the discount, but it should still be there. Thanks for serving!
Ultimate Bass Discount use Code - UB10


Hey guys,

Joe is the truth! ha ha His products work as good as any I have seen. No need to order anywhere else when you have guaranteed results from Pro-tec.