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Started by Bass Team Tackle, August 18, 2013, 11:18:11 AM

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Bass Team Tackle

Bass Team Tackle

Bass Team Tackle has recently produced several product videos to show our customers our product in more detail and in action. Please check out our videos and give us feedback.

Stand-Up Shaky Head

Swim Minnow


Nice videos looks like that swim minnow tail starts moving right away ~c~

Ole Man Bob

The standup  seems to work real well, but I'm really impressed with the tail action of the minnow. I check all my rigs out in my pool before using them and none of them have the quick action of your swimbail minnow.  ~c~  I bookmarked your website and want to try some of them out soon.  Thanks for the videos.   Ole Man Bob
PS  don't tell my wife   lo
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Bass Team Tackle

I use the swim minnow for the umbrella rig, swim jig trailer, spinnerbait trailer and sometimes fish it alone on a jighead.  It is a very versaltile lure.  We should have the website updated by this weekend offering them for sale.  Just wanted to place the video on the website when it was finished.  We have about 15 other product videos that will be hitting the website soon.   ~cf 

Mike Cork

Great looking baits. Thanks for posting the video, the swim minnow is going to be great on the back of a swim jig or vibrating swim jig :-*

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