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Bass Team Tackle New Products!!

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Bass Team Tackle

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Bass Team Tackle

Bass Team Tackle is proud to announce the addition of two new products including the 6" Fat Finesse Worm and the 12" Stump Thumper.

6" Fat Finesse Worm (10 pk $3.80)
This worm is about twice as thick as the standard Finesse Worm.   The Fat Finesse Worm moves more water and works great when you’re looking for that bigger bite.  The bait is impregnated with Garlic.Try fishing the Fat Finesse Worms on a Shaky Head Jig,  Carolina-rig, weightless or flipping it on a Texas-rig.

12" Stump Thumper (5 pk $4.00)
The 12" Stump Thumper is perfect for catching that kicker fish and targeting those bigger bass.  When this worm is paired with our Scooter Jig it stands straight up and waves to the fish.  Check out our video of the Stump Thumper in action!!

Both products have a video on their respective webpage.

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That big tail is going to drive them crazy :-* Love the way that sits in the water ~c~ ~c~
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Excellent looking new products, got to get the fat finesse worm, should work great on a shakey head with the extra buoyancy. Keep um coming Rick.
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