Pro Tec Products Christmas special ! INCREASED DISCOUNT

Started by basscat1, December 03, 2013, 07:55:58 AM

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Ok, now that black Friday and cyber Monday are over I have discontinued the free shipping BUT for those of you that missed out and want to buy our products for gifts I have added a Christmas Special------- from now till Dec 31,2013 Pro Tec is increasing you discount too 20% of any purchase !
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Works GREAT guys!!!! I picked up a kit from Joe at the swap met and used it on my mothers car and it done a wonderful job!!! And there enough to do a few more cars. I have used nothing but Meguiars products for years and I will say Pro Tec has changed that and I will save a few bucks on detail supplies.
Great product that I will recommend to everyone!!!!.

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Didn't think about the Christmas gift idea!  :-* Pro Tec would make a great gift for everyone on your list! Cars, boats, anything that needs protection ~c~

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