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2014 Tourn. Trail

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These are the dates and lakes for our 2014 tourny. trail, congrats to our new toury. director Ron S. and our new vice pres. Hal C., A couple of changes we voted on were to change the fee from $ 7.00 
to $8.00 a tournyment with one dollar going to classic, and no longer getting the three points for fishing the tournyment, just for placing first through tenth and big bass will we be getting points,and adding Cross Lake and Grand Bayou Coushatta, with that said
here are the lakes and dates
March 1  Black Bayou Hoston
March 22  Bist.
April 12    Caddo
May 10    Cypress
June 14   Red River
July 12    Cross Lake
Aug 9     Team Scramble
Sept 13   Black Bayou Benton
Oct 11   Grand Bayou Coushatta
Oct 18   Classic To Be Determined