Bass Team Tackle New Products and Monthly Special!

Started by Bass Team Tackle, February 07, 2014, 07:07:06 PM

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Bass Team Tackle

Bass Team Tackle

All New Products!

->Monthly Special: Stand-Up Football Jig ($2.75 per Jig)
Our line of Stand-Up Football jigs mimic the defense position of a crawdad and are designed to cover water and catch those fish staging in deeper water. Equipped with a Mustad Ultra Point hook and wire bait keeper. Available in 4 sizes and a wide variety of colors!

-> Tungsten Bass Jig Color: Bruiser
The smaller profile of the Tungsten Bass Jig will slide better through heavy cover compared to the conventional lead jigs. Bass Team Tackle's Tungsten Bass Jig jig heads are painted to match the color of the skirt. The Bruiser color offers a unique combination of black, blue, and purple, adding yet another top of the line color to our already diverse skirt color options. Available in 3/8 Oz. ($4.25);
1/2 Oz. ($4.85); and 3/4 Oz. ($5.75)

->School Minnow Bait (10.50)
The School Minnow Bait puts a new spin on the bait by replacing the spinners with Swim Minnows. The bait features a screw-loc with a centering pin. The swim minnows pictured are included.

Mike Cork

Fishing is more than just a hobby

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That black and blue would be killer here

This is not a hobby for me, its a sick addiction. Now my son has the problem...isnt it great!!!

I would like to take this time to thank Bass for biteing my lures and bringing me joy.