Bass Team Tackle New Product and Monthly Special!

Started by Bass Team Tackle, March 16, 2014, 11:23:39 AM

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Bass Team Tackle

Bass Team Tackle

New Product and Monthly Special!!

->Monthly Special: Beast Jig ($1.00-1.05 per Jig)
The Beast Jig is designed as a Power Fishing Shaky Head  that will accept extra large plastics and built with a stout Mustad EWG Ultra Point hook. The head design causes your bait stand straight up on the bottom - even with the biggest of worms in tow. Equipped with a top-quality spring to secure your bait and a durable head with a chip resistant finish.

-> New Product: Tungsten Football Jig
The smaller profile of the Tungsten Football Jig will slide better through heavy cover compared to the conventional lead jigs. Bass Team Tackle's Tungsten Bass Jig jig heads are painted to match the color of the skirt. The Bass Team Tackle Tungsten Football Jigs are constructed with a premium needlepoint hook, specially sealed paint coating, and a high-end weedguard. Bass Team Tackle uses only the High Density T18 tungsten in our jigs to offer you the hardest, densest jig on the market. Available in 1/2 Oz. ($5.25); 3/4 Oz. ($6.25); and 1 Oz. ($7.25)