Bac Rac Boat Deck Rod Racks available at Valley Sports

Started by Pacific NW Ron, April 18, 2014, 05:55:11 PM

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Pacific NW Ron

Introductory price of $105.00 with Free Shipping.
The version 1 Bac Rac deck rod storage system is a co-angler's dream come true! The Bac Rac rod rack holds 4 rods across the rear deck securely while the unique design allows the Bac Rac to install securely in 2 seconds without fasteners or tools.
The Bac-Rac is built using the highest quality materials, and available in four colors.
The Bac Rac rod rack is constructed of beautiful powder coated aircraft grade aluminum and EVA foam. The Bac Rac has 2 security straps ensuring the safety of your rods and reels in rough water.
The Bac Rac comes in a heavy duty nylon backpack and weighs just over a pound. If you're tired of tangled rods and not having space for the rods you need, try a Bac Rac and enjoy safe secure rod storage for the back of any bass boat!
Order yours online at Now
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Mike Cork

These things are really need and solve a lot of storage problems. Even for an angler that fishes by their self, put this on the back deck and keep your rods there, now your not stepping on them when running around the front deck trying to land that hawg :-*

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