Bass Team Tackle New Products and Monthly Special!

Started by Bass Team Tackle, May 04, 2014, 11:35:09 AM

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Bass Team Tackle

Bass Team Tackle

Monthly Special and New Products!!

->Monthly Special: Swim Jig ($2.65 per Jig)
The Swim Jig's narrow head design allows the bait to come through the water with little resistance.  The Swim Jig is offered in a Heavy Cover and Open Water model.  The Heavy Cover model features a heavy wire 30 degree Mustad Ultra Point Hook and the Open Water uses a Standard Gauge Hook. Available Sizes: 1/4 Oz. ; 5/16 Oz. ; 3/8 Oz. ; 1/2 Oz. Colors Include: Baby Bass, Threadfin Shad, Translucent Shad, and Many More!

Purple Shad

-> New Product: Big Beast Jigs ($1.25-1.40)
New Sizes: 3/4 Oz. ; 1 Oz. ; 1 1/4 Oz.
The Beast Jig is designed as a Power Fishing Shaky Head  that will accept extra large plastics and built with a stout Mustad EWG Ultra Point hook. The head design causes your bait stand straight up on the bottom - even with the biggest of worms in tow. Equipped with a top-quality spring to secure your bait and a durable head with a chip resistant finish. This bait was designed by request to fish deep ledges with current using a big plastic bait such as on the Tennessee River impoundments.

-> New Product: Small Bobble Head Jigs ($1.50)
New Sizes: 1/8 Oz. ; 3/16 Oz. ; 1/4 Oz. 5/16 Oz.
The JP Bobble Head Jig  features a swiveling Gamakatsu EWG Hook attachment to a football head, that allows the bait to 'deflect' in random directions as it bumps into any available cover or structure.  Attach your favorite plastic bait just as you would a Texas rigged plastic bait.   This bait works best by dragging it off the bottom, most bites come as the lure is deflected off an object.  The JP Bobble Head was designed to cover lots of water.  Make a long cast and begin reeling slow enough to keep in contact with the bottom, but fast enough to keep the bait moving. Available in Black, Green Pumpkin, Copper Vein, Black/Blue

Copper Vein