Ultimate Bass Exclusive Special!!

Started by Bass Team Tackle, July 26, 2014, 11:51:59 AM

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Bass Team Tackle

This Special has Expired, a new special will be coming soon.  Thank You for your orders

Mike Cork

Don't miss out! Great deals from our site supporters :toot:

With the summer heat on, the shakey head is a great way to get some extra bites. Bass Team Tackle offers a variety of head shapes, hook styles and sizes... Check them out by clicking the link.

Swim jigs in vegetation is another great summer technique. It's how Randal Tharp won the FLW Cup in August last year. Bass Team Tackle has some amazing color combinations in their swim jigs that is sure to match the forage in your area no matter where you live!!  ~c~

Even if you're just browsing click the link and check out the special items, I know you'll like what you see  :-*

Fishing is more than just a hobby

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Cork's Reel Service


Placed my order.   Thanks for the deal.