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2015 12th Annual UBCS is in the books!

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If you've never attended, you need to seriously consider making one! Great people made a great trip! The forecast changed every day (often, several times during the day :shocking: ) leading up to the tournament, but we were blessed with some good weather after all. The predicted rains held off till after the tournament!

We had a total of 23 teams, 12 from TCTC and 11 fishing for LockJaw. We had several new folks from both clubs and everyone fished hard and had a great time. But there are winners and losers in every tournament so here are the results. Drum roll please.....

 ~1 went to Chip and Andrew Harmeson w/35.30lbs!

 ~2 went to Russ Jeardoe and James Denby w/ 33.74lbs!

 ~3 went to Mike and Laurie Cork w/ 31.62lbs!

Big Bass for Saturday was 5.79lbs and brought in by Russ and James.
Big Bass for Sunday was caught by Laurie & Mike which weighed 6.71lbs.

Team weight totals (best 10 fish each day) for the tournament were:

Twin Cities Team Club had 90.59lbs!  ~bb  ;D

Lock Jaw had 60.30lbs.  ~c~

So........ TCTC brings the Team Trophy back to S'port/Bossier for another year!  ~c~ ~c~

There were a bunch of pics taken and I'm sure they'll get posted once everyone gets settled back in. I've attached an Excel spreadsheet with the full results.

With that being said, let the smack talk begin in 3....2...1  ;)

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;D ;D ;D
I know I enjoyed the time I went even if the weather was bad. Hope to be able to got again. Can't wait to see the  ;PHO)  smack talking

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Great Job by TCTC for setting a record weight for a UBCS. Normally it takes around 60 lbs to win one of these things and this year they shattered that with 90 lbs.  ~c~ Unfortunately we stayed on average with 60lbs and got our asses handed to us. :( None the less I had a great time and always look forward to this event. Good folks and fellowship is what this all about and we nail it every year.
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Congrats to the TCTC Team wow 90.59 lbs  ~c~ ~c~ ~c~

Yep Mike there isn't anything you can say for a 30lb Beat Down except just take it  :surrender:  :'( :'( :'(

It was still fun being there enjoying the fellowship etc.  Carl and I was trying to figure out a way to get some of the grass and Lilly pads back to Belton and Stillhouse  :-\  Those bass would go nuts having stuff like that in the lake here.
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