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2015 Club By-Laws Part I

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Camden Bass Club 2015 By-Laws

Article I – Name
This club shall be known as Camden Bass Club of Kingsbay, GA.

Article II – Membership
Section 1: Number of Members
This club will start with and maintain at least six (6) members. Membership will be unlimited. Paying members will continue to be members for the duration of the Camden Bass Club tournament season (February-October). The Camden Bass Club will not fish any scheduled "club" tournaments during the months of January or December to permit club members flexibility in Holiday vacations and family obligations.

Section 2: Qualifications for Membership
1.   Each person desiring to be a member of Camden Bass Club shall pay a twenty five (25) dollar "membership fee" at the 1st scheduled meeting (February). These funds will be used to establish a base amount for payout at the end of the year "Classic". Anyone can become a member at any time during the regular season.

2. Each person desiring to be a member of Camden Bass Club shall be required to show proof of insurance and registration during the pre-season meeting (February). It is the boating member’s responsibility to maintain insurance and registration up-to-date throughout the season. If at any point it is determined that a boats registration or insurance is not up-to-date prior to a tournament, that boat will become unavailable until all requirements are re-established.

3. If an individual is uncertain of his/her desire to be a member, they may pay an additional five (5) dollars at any scheduled tournament so as to retain any points acquired for their overall scoring.

4. Two tournament rule:
a. If an individual fishes two tournaments and has not decided to become a member, they will be allowed to continue to fish scheduled tournaments (at an extra five dollar cost), but will have no association with the end of season "Classic".
Article III – Meetings
Section 1: Time and Place
1. A meeting will be held prior to the start of the new season to discuss any changes to the by-laws, vote on the tournament schedule and for new member orientation.
Article IV - Officers/Offices/Positions

Section 1: Tournament Director
1. The Tournament Director will be appointed at the scheduled meeting for the following month’s tournament (e.g. March’s Tournament Director will volunteer/be chosen during February’s meeting, April’s during March, etc.)

2. The Tournament Director will be responsible for the following:
a. Waivers (as required) for the tournament being fished.
b. Collecting all monies from all members prior to "blast-off" for their scheduled tournament.
c. Responsible to verify all livewells prior to the commencement of any club tournament.
d. Responsible for holding a pre-tournament meeting to be held 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each tournament to:
     1. Review any special rules associated with the body of water being fished.
     2.  Review the river or lake hazards.
     3.  Provide all participating members a time check for the purposes of weigh-in time.
e. Responsible for measuring any questionable fish and all weigh-ins upon completion of tournament.

Section 2: Tournament Recorder

1. The Tournament Recorder will be responsible for the following:
a. Make record of all tournaments to include date and location, members/guests participating, monies collected, fish, weight, and place for fish caught by all members/guest.
b. Making public, tournament results and current standings to the Ultimate Bass website within three (3) days of completion of a scheduled tournament.

Section 3: Tournament Committee
1. The Tournament Committee will consist of all active members participating in any regularly scheduled club tournament and be responsible for the following:
a. Responsible for calling off a tournament.
b. Resolving any disputes brought to their attention upon completion (or during) a scheduled club tournament.
c. Resolving any questions raised during the weigh-in period (e.g. fish length, etc.).

Article V - General Tournament Rules

Section 1: Tournaments

1. All tournaments are officially started when the first boat takes off at launch.
2. If a tournament is called off during the course of the tournament, all fish will be weighed and money awarded accordingly.

Section 2: Types of tournaments

1.  All one-day tournaments will commence at safe light and end at a time decided by majority vote of participating anglers, during the pre-tournament meeting (2 days before).
Section 2: Two-day tournaments
1. The first day of a two-day tournament will commence at safe light and end at 4:00 PM; the second day will commence at safe light and end at 12:00 PM.

Section 3: Night tournaments

1. All night tournaments will commence at 7:00 PM and end at 2:00 AM.

Section 3: Fishing partners

1. Any club member may bring a guest to a tournament to fish from their boat on a one time basis; however they must notify the club of their intention prior to choosing partners for that tournament.  If the same guest is brought by the same club member, he/she will fall under the "Two Tournament Rule" and be charged an additional five (5) dollars for that tournament.

2. Any club member may bring a family member to a tournament to fish from their boat and it will not be considered a "guest". Family members may only fish three (3) regularly scheduled club tournaments before having to become a full member. Family members not desiring to become a full member will not be permitted to fish the end of year "Classic".

Section 4: Tournament Fees

1. Tournament fees will be twenty (20) dollars per tournament and be paid to the Tournament Director prior to "blast-off". Fifteen dollars of that fee will be paid out in winnings at the end of the tournament with the extra five dollars being applied to the end of season Classic fund. Non-boaters (non-guest/family members) are required to ensure that compensation is provided to the boater as necessary.

2. Tournament fees are per tournament whether they are one-day or two-day tournaments.

3. An optional "big bass" pot will be available for an additional five (5) dollars per day of fishing. On two-day tournaments, a "big bass" pot will be available for entry/pay-out on both days of the tournament. The minimum weight for to be considered for “big bass” will be three pounds. If no three pound fish are presented at the scales the pot will carry over to the next tournament until a three pound or greater fish is weighed in for a tournament. If at the last scheduled tournament no qualifying fish is presented for “big bass” then the pot will transfer into the Classic fund.

4. All Tournament entry fees must be paid in cash.

Section 5: Tournament Payout

1. Tournament payout will be as follows:

   a. 1-6 participants: Payout will be decided upon by the tournament committee as required.
   b. 7-12 participants: 1st - 50%, 2nd- 30%, 3rd -20%
   c. 13-20 participants: 1st- 50%, 2nd- 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th-10%

In the event only two anglers weigh in fish, the third place monies will be entered into the end of season Classic fund. In the event only one angler weighs in fish, both second and third place monies will be entered into the end of season Classic fund.  If no angler weighs in a single fish then all monies will be entered into end of season Classic fund. If no fish are weighed in at season ending tournament, all monies will be returned to paying participants of that tournament.

2. Big bass pot will be awarded to the angler catching the heaviest bass during the tournament. If no one catches a bass during a tournament, the big bass pot will be entered into the end of season Classic fund.

Section 6 – Points System
1.   Points will be awarded for the following and tracked by the Tournament Recorder:
a. During regularly scheduled tournaments, points will be awarded as follows:

      1. First place – 10 points
      2. Second place – 8 points
      3. Third place – 6 points
      4. All other participants – 3 points
      5. One point will be awarded for each pound of fish caught and weighed in at the end of tournament weigh-in.  Points will be rounded to the nearest pound to keep points even numbers.  Fish weights from 0-7 ounces will be rounded down and weights from 8-15 ounces will be rounded up.

Section 7 – Basic Rules

1.  Anyone who shows up late for the tournament must check in with a club member, have their livewell checked and pay their big fish fee, prior to casting a lure into the tournament waters.  Not checking in or not having the livewell checked will result in disqualification from that tournament.

2.  Any person who is disqualified for rule violations will forfeit any tournament entry fee and big fish pool money if applicable.

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