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Author Topic: 2020-2021 Florida Bragging Rights Club Rules  (Read 4204 times)


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2020-2021 Florida Bragging Rights Club Rules
« on: April 02, 2015, 01:29:15 PM »

2020-2021 FLBRC Tournament Rules

1. FLBRC is exclusive to Florida Ultimate Bass Members residing in Florida

2. There are no entry fees or monetary prizes involved. Just pure Bragging Rights.

3. Only Large Mouth Bass (LMB) caught in Florida waters will be accepted for this competition
    (Note: Active duty Military Personnel from FL, stationed outside of FL, are the only individuals exempt)

4a. LMB can be submitted for competition if caught from the bank or from a boat. Tournament catches are permitted. LMB can only be caught from rod and reel, with the use of Artificial Baits Only. No live bait submissions will be accepted.

4b: If the water body you want to fish, be it public or private has no signs and/or fencing that clearly states NO TRESSPASSING and/or NO FISHING, and can be utilized for fishing by anyone without permission then the fish caught at this location can be used for this competition. In regards to apartments, and HOA communities. If you are a resident or a guest of a resident, and residents and guests are legally allowed to fish on the property, meaning the Associations of these communities allow fishing on their property, then the fish caught there can be used for this competition. (This addendum will go into effect on 11/1/2017)

5. Only the Top 5 longest LMB length's in inches will count toward competition. Participant with the longest stringer at the end of each month will be declared the winner

6. Fish measuring: A clear picture showing the entire fish, plus your observed length, must be submitted within 24 hours of the LMB being caught. (Except for the last day of the month. Those pics must be submitted before 11:59pm) The picture must be clear enough to show the LMB on top of, or next to a measuring device with numbers displayed in inches. Measurement is from lower lip to the end of the tail. (See example below)

  You measure, you record the length and submit a photo.  The photo's are to be your best ability at accurately recording the fish's length.  Posted measurements will not be questioned unless an obvious typo was made, a photo is brought to my attention by another member, or an attempt to gain unearned additional inches is apparent.


Please note: A rod measurement will not be accepted unless the rod itself has been altered into a measuring device with clear numerical measurements in inches displayed.

7. Competition begins on the 1st day of each new month and ends on the last day of that month at 11:59pm. Open enrollment for competition occurs during the first 7 days of each new month, FLBRC members must declare their participation by the 7th day of the new month. After the first 7 days of competition, enrollment will be closed and any bass pics submitted will not count towards that month.

8. Participants will be responsible for tracking and submitting their own catches. Club Director will document and post contest standings at the beginning of each new week.

9. Tie Breaker: In the event of a tiebreaker at the end of the month. The Longest Bass in the Top 5 stringer will be the deciding tie breaker.

10. This competition was created for FLBRC members to have fun. Note however, like in all competitions, unruly behaviors may reveal themselves. Each participant agree's to conduct themselves in a positive, sportsmanlike manner. Any cheating, dishonesty, and/or deliberate attempts to harm the integrity of this Club will not be tolerated, participant will be immediately dismissed and banned from the FLBR Club.

Have fun, have a good time, and enjoy yourself.  The FLBRC was created with "you" in mind.

** If you agree with the rules and terms of the FLBRC, simply post the
 Magic Words (hint...hint...) ----> "I'm in" on the FLBR thread.

Welcome!! and Good luck!!  ;)
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Re: 2015 Florida Bragging Rights Club Rules
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2015, 02:28:49 PM »

What does it take to become FLBRC  Angler of the Year?

The FLBRC AOY is a secondary contest built inside the FLBR competition. Participants who continuously compete every month in the FLBR, will automatically be awarded points based on their standings and achievements. However, only the Top 10 competitors each month will be awarded points. Points will be awarded as follows:

1st Place: 10 pts
2nd Place: 9pts
3rd Place: 8pts
4th Place: 7pts
5th Place: 6pts
6th Place: 5pts
7th Place: 4pts
8th Place: 3pts
9th Place: 2pts
10th Place: 1pt

PLEASE NOTE: FLBR Participants are free to leave and return to the FLBR Club at anytime.


Below are 7 opportunities where FLBRC participants will be awarded bonus points:

1. Big Fish Bonus: The FLBRC participant who catches the longest LMB of the month will be awarded 2 bonus pts. (Note: In the event of a tie, the participant with the longest bag will be awarded the bonus)

2. Century Bonus: Any FLBRC participant that surpass 100" or more within a contest month will be awarded 2 bonus points, and become a member of the FLBR Century Club.  ~c~

3. 110 Bonus : Any FLBRC participant that reaches 110" will be awarded an additional bonus point, and every 10 inches there after, the angler will be awarded an additional bonus point. 

4. Classic Attendance: Classic attendance is worth 5 points per day - Maximum of 10 AOY points per person.

5. Classic Results:  The final Classic results will count as an additional month with normal AOY scoring rules in place.  IE 10 points for the win, 9 points for second and so on.  Big fish of the weekend Bonus, a 200" Bonus, and 220" Bonus.  Since we normally have an 11 month competition, the Classic will count at the 12th month.

6. M & G Attendance:  Official Meet and Greet Attendance is worth 5 points each with a maximum of 10 points per year. 

7.  Hawg Bonus: Any fish over 22" will be worth 1 bonus point.  I don't care how good a fisherman you are, a 22" class fish is a major deal.  There will be no maximum points cap.  If you can catch a 100 - 22" fish a year you will receive 100 bonus points and walk away with the AOY title, as you should.

The participant with the most accumulated points over the course of 1 year will be crowned the FLBRAOY.  ~c~

This year's contest period will run from June 2020 thru April 2021. Good luck!!

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