Lake Hefner Updates???

Started by soonerbass, June 22, 2015, 07:42:32 AM

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Has anyone hit Lake Hefner recently or know what it has been taking to win the Tuesday night jackpots hosted by Lucky lure tackle?  The lake finally has water in it after the 19 inches of rain in May, and my father just started bass fishing it.  How is the fishing now compared to prior to the drought?  I know it is not a bass lake but just curious.  Thanks in advance for any information.


We hit it hard around the docks and north west side yesterday. It's pretty crowded with catfish junkies, their beer, lawn chairs and 67 poles each lol

I ran a 4 different colored jigs on the bottom for about 2 hours with not a single bite. Lake is cleaner that I've seen it in the past few years. Ran Flukes, Jerkbaits, Topwater and swim jigs with no luck.

Hardly a ripple on the water. Water lever is still way up and looks promising. I think with the doubt and this weather change, it's going to be a tuff year at Hefner.