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Milford lake

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Skunked again

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Havnt seen any traffic on here for over a year, anyone fom kansas still here?
Heading over their the end of the month, what can I expect?
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We only had a couple members from Kansas over the years. I know Russ199a just spent some time there but it was to farm, don't think he got to fish much...
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I use to know a few members from Kansas a few years ago on the NAFC site but I haven't been on there in a few years since they changed it so much. Let me see I I can contact any of them on Face Book.

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Sorry I'm just now seeing this.
Milford's upper end was muddied up with all the Republican flooding that occurred. I'm sure it has settled down now, however with the rains continuing to the north and west it could still have some color.
Last I heard (middle July) the LM bass were holding between 4-6 feet along edges and any vegetation. Small mouth were being caught between 10-20 ft with the majority in 10-12 ft.
A good morning bite for LM on main lake points using poppers and shallow cranks. Once wind gets up that goes away.
Smallies were coming on drop-shots and shaky heads around big rocks.
Hybrids, stripers and wipers can be caught trolling off points in 50 ft. A couple guys said they caught some dropping minnows on vertical jigging rigs.
Good luck to all.
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I'm in Wichita. I don't get to go to the big lakes much. I'm on the shocker bass fishing team. I am planning on joining a club over the winter as well. I hope to get back on here a little more.
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