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Classic 7 Bassmasters Tournament weekend wrap.up

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4th on Leech and 5th on Boy for the weekend of tournaments with Classic 7 Bassmasters.
Could not get the big fish to put me in better postion on Saturday.
Caught a 4.40 on Sunday but could not put a decent group of 4 other fish with it.
Was a great day of fishing on Sunday. My Boater Earldogg won it. He had a Limit at 7, culled all day long, upgrading by a half to a full inch every fish. He managed to put together a winning bag.
We caught a lot of fish. We both lost a couple big fish.
I did not fish clean either day.
I did learn a superb technique for fishing heavy cover like Wild Rice. On Sunday I just did not have the right bait for the technique. With the right bait I would have been able to challenge Earldogg for 1st. We were definitely around a bunch of fish. He did a real good job at picking a starting point on the map since this was a mystery lake tournament and neither of us had fished it.
We were able to fish our primary area 4 times over the course of almost 7 hours amd it kept kicking out fish.
It was a fun weekend for sure.


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Thanks for the report and them are some great looking Bass. ~c~ ~c~

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That big fish I lost in those reeds will haunt me for awhile,  was a fun day on the lake.