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Started by RedTop, September 06, 2015, 01:32:48 PM

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I have a ranger DVX 520. 2001. My rear light for night is out. Now,here's what I'm wondering. First is there only two contacts in the rear light connection. I don't see another wire. It was working then it was one of those work after being on a few.  Now it doesn't work. I reconnected wires to the chrome part. I have an LED light.


Yes , there are only two wires [ contacts ] as it's a DC circuit red is positive and black is negative.
Set your voltmeter on the 20 volt DC setting and check across the two contacts and you should show 12-14 volts DC-- make sure the NAV, switch is in the "on" position.
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got it fixed....thanks Bj


Good to hear.....enlighten us....what was it?
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Well.....I'm sorry to say it was a user dumbass!!! ~b~

I have an 1197 and 997 unit on my boat....was looking allllll over for a fuse box. Couldn't find it couldn't find it.....Was thinking WTH!!!!  Opened the rod locker on the driver side and THOUGHT the box mounted was for the 1197 unit link.

Not...................Voila!!!!   fuse box!!!   Blown fuse....changed fuse...light works!!!   ~rant

This afer I went and bought a 12.00 LED bulb that didn't work in the light I had...broke the new one I had bought last summer and bought a new one that I was thinking would work but didn't cause the fuse was blown...3.99 for fuses...work a roo.

I am the dummy!!! ~xyz ~roflmao

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We've all been there and done it...

Thanks for reporting back on the solution.

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Glad you got things worked out. 
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