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Started by twocold, September 14, 2015, 06:42:05 PM

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Group I've got a 1996 ranger 488vs. Having problems with my live wells one doesn't work and the other is slow. I think I need too change all the pumps, looking for recommendations on which brand to use. Any help would be appreciated

Ron Fogelson

Find them and see if they are the snap in cartridge or not,,,, if so unsnap and bring with to buy the new ones, if not then replace with whatever is easiest for you to get local.

Mike Cork

I always use Atwood but their not better than the others. I think there are only three brands?

But like Ron said, most are cartridge so you'll want to go back with the same brand so you don't have to get into the plumbing.

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my buddy's 520 ranger was having some similar issues.  the slow side had a line plugged up, and the side that did not work was not the pump, but a blown fuse.  his ranger, and yours probably, has one switch that turns on both pumps.  i would do some investigative work to make sure it is a pump issue and not something else.

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Stop by the Garage and let me know if you have Maintenance issues that you need assistance with.


Thanks guys I'll check all this out