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2015 Classic/RESULTS

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The 2015 LA Poormans Classic has concluded, with day 1 on Toledo Bend and day 2 on Cross Lake, here are the result:

1. Andy Yerger/Cody Dollar...33.06 pounds ($1910)
2. David Bix/Tony Digilormo...32.21 lbs. ($1528)
3. Mike Pilgreen/Johnny McCall...31.14 lbs. ($1337)
4. Kevin Lettau/Gary Allen...28.32 lbs. ($1146)
5. Steven Flanagan/Trey Thompson...27.26 lbs. ($764)
6. Johnny Costello/Chad Young...26.55 lbs. ($573)
7. Alex Morgan/Mike Reagan...25.64 lbs. ($382)
8. Ty Humphries/Richie Kilpatrick...24.08
9. Scott Murphy/Dante Bates...23.75
10. Waylon Koehler/Chase Koehler...22.98
11. Russ Jeardoe/Michael Pilgreen...14.80
12. Matt Clark/Nick Roberts...14.06
13. Chris Dull/Jared Pilgreen...12.19
14. Todd Meyers/Mike Gomez...12.08
15. Todd Branton/Brett Draper...9.09
16. John Hawks/Clayton Defatta...8.38
17. Ernie Smoak/Greg Wagner...6.92
18. Brent McDonald/David Norcross...6.21
19. Tim Faircloth...5.77
20. Tony Brych/Chris McGlassen...5.53
21. Jeff Lantz/Brad Watson...4.61
22. Jeremy Tunstall/Kevin Fendley...3.11

Big Bass Day 1...Brix/Digilormo...7.70 pounds ($220)
Big Bass Day 2...Murphy/Bates...7.23 pounds ($220)

Total Classic Payout: $8080

I hope everyone had a great time this year, I know that I enjoyed it and look forward to fishing again in 2016. I will post another thread of a total breakdown of money paid out for the entire year, along with other stats relating to the trail. Thanks to everyone for kicking in and helping where needed, you guys are the reason for this trails success and also the reason that we exist. This trail has become exactly what I hoped it would, a low-cost and competitive trail for folks that love to bass fish.
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