2016 UBCS Rules and Regulations

Started by Jared LeBlue, January 13, 2016, 04:22:06 PM

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Jared LeBlue

2016 UBCS Rules and Regulations

The Thirteenth Annual Ultimate Bass Club Shootout will be held April 2nd-3rd at Alpine Marine and Resort on Toledo Bend Reservoir. This year's event will be hosted by The Lock Jaw Bass Club.

1. All State, Coast Guard, Federal, Parks and Wildlife Regulations shall apply at all times. Violations of the above regulations will be grounds for disqualification.

2. Only Largemouth and Kentucky spotted bass will be weighed in. Toledo Bend – Largemouth bass must be 14 inches minimum length, and spotted bass 12 inches minimum length.

3. No more than 5 fish per team in the live-well at any time. When a 6th fish is caught, one must be culled immediately. At no time can a dead fish be culled.

4. You must personally weigh-in your own fish as a team or individually.

5. This is a two-day tournament. Fish must be weighed on the day they are caught, no exceptions.

6. Fish must be kept in a live-well or equally suitable conditions. Do not transport fish to weigh-in on ice, every effort must be made to keep fish alive. There will be a 4oz. penalty for every dead fish brought to the scales.

7. The Launch and weigh-in will be held at Alpine Marine and Resort. Trailering will be allowed. Those wishing to trailer will not be able to leave the Marina until official launch time.

8. All contestants must wear a Coast Guard approved life vest when the boat is on plane. If boat is equipped with a kill switch, it must be attached to driver while boat is on plane.

9. No wake zones enforced at all times. Please be courteous and follow all state and local rules.

10. A contestant is not permitted to fish within 50 yards from another tournament boat which is anchored or tied unless permission is granted. Good Sportsmanship is required at all times.

11. Entry fee will be $35/person. Big Bass is included in this fee.   

12. Entry fee MUST be paid by deadline; deadline for the 2016 UBCS is March 18, 2016. All fees must be received by midnight. There will be a late fee applied for any participants paying after the deadline of March 18, 2016. No entries will be accepted after launch on April 2, 2016.

13. You may obtain a refund of your entry fee until March 23, 2016. There will be a $5.00 fee assessed on any refund requested. No refunds will be given after March 23, 2016.

14. Tournament hours are from safe light until 3pm Saturday the 2nd and safe light until 1200/noon Sunday the 3rd. Launch should be 30 min before sun rise each day based on weather. The Sunday weigh-in is subject to change based on majority vote and the discretion of the UBCS Tournament Director.

15. The tournament will be held regardless of rain or shine.

16. Fishing will be done with a rod and reel and artificial lures only (pork rind is acceptable). Each angler may only use one rod/reel at a time.

17. Contestants must be checked in 30 minutes prior to the tournament, and have their live-well checked, on both days. Failing to comply will disqualify that team.

18. All applications for entry in the Ultimate Bass Club Shoot Out and the determination of winners and right to awards are subject to the sole approval and discretion of the Tournament Committee whose decision thereon is FINAL. "Tournament Committee" consists of Jared LeBlue, Jimmy Brown, and John LeDoux
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Thanks Jared for posting these.
Looking forward to another great UBCS.
Looks like the participation numbers are improving as well.
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Mike Cork

Looks good.  ~c~

In an effort to save fish, where are you at with the weigh in procedures?

Is there a way to get an aerial photo of the marina? As we've talked, some how we need to do a drive by or "by number" weigh in. 

Anymore thought given to the team totals? Might need a new thread to discuss and fuss this.

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I've got several 25 gallon tubs we can fill and throw some O2 tablets in. Netted weigh bag inserts will help things along, and I've been looking at getting some aerators we can put in each tub.
I have 6 or 8 tubs. We Could make two lines, one for each club to use.

If other ideas have already been put in place please disregard. If not, just let me know and I'll keep working on this.
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Jared LeBlue

I'll start a thread on the weigh in a few minutes.
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