Compartment Latches

Started by CraigP83, February 26, 2016, 01:20:59 PM

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I just paid off my boat loan and was thinking of a few things I could do to spruce it up. Replacing all of the compartment latches with the nice metal T handle ones crossed my mind. 

Until I saw the price   :shocking: ~b~ :surrender: :'( :o

At these prices it would cost close to $500 just to replace 8 latches. OUCH!


That's a little better, Most of these must be pretty universal

Ron Fogelson

The hole in the lid and the type of lip of the compartment is the biggest factor.

Just double check the size you need and then make dang sure you have the same style swing arm,,,, biggest improvement I've seen are the ones that have a plastic arm and switching to metal.  Stayed at Lake Fork a few years back and every boat in line that had a plastic lock was pulled open and the boats with metal locks weren't touched.  Silly Bass lost all his rods that night  ~xyz ~xyz ~xyz


Gemlux latches are the best I've found. Also if you tell them that your found them via any boating forum they give a substantial discount!


This is something I want to do to mine also ! Let us know what you decide to go with Craig.
Stop by the Garage and let me know if you have Maintenance issues that you need assistance with.