520C 71.4

Started by Ron Fogelson, March 06, 2016, 06:20:26 PM

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Ron Fogelson

Drove her well today,,, no change from my last post but while fishing cross I hit a new number  lo Still not the fastest I've been in her,,, 72.4 is my best speed todate but she was wild.  This morning I just opened her up and didn't have any other boats to contend with and she just kept climbing,, hit 70 got the start of a walk,, trimed down a tad and put my foot in it, started to trim up a bit but held off because the MPH was climbing,,, reached my spot and put the TM down and went fishing.

Ride this afternoon wasn't near as fast but the lake was white capping and after fishing all day my back didn't want to go as fast as my foot did LOL 

Hope you all had a great weekend
See you on the Water