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Started by Jared LeBlue, April 05, 2016, 01:00:29 PM

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Jared LeBlue

I wanted to put out a big thanks to all that made the 2016 UBCS such a successful event.

Thanks goes out to:

Southwest Beverage for supplying the beer

Coco Cola Bottling  for supplying all the soft drinks

Lexal Downhole Seals for it's contributions to the door prizes

Patrick Langley for donating the Koozies

Double JL Smoked Meats for providing sausage for door prizes and sausage and meat for the Saturday night meal

Members of the Lock Jaw Bass Club for their donations to the Saturday night meal

Jimmy Brown for cooking the Saturday night Meal

Melissa and Susie for taking care of things while we were out fishing.

Tony and Eddie for cooking up the Cracklins Friday even though they didn't know they would be doing that. lol

TCTC for the Friday night meal

Angles Awards for the awesome job she did on the trophies and for donating the Steven Vincent Award

Zuk from Zukster Baits ( yall know him as John or other names i can't put on here) for all the time he put in helping me put this tournament together.

Andrew from TCTC for all the work he did from the TCTC side

and finally but surely not least to all those who participated in this event for making this annual event a success and a lot of fun every year.
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Thank you for the great event! Got a lot to live up to next year! ~c~  I am glad we had such a great turnout this year and looking forward to a great turnout again next year.  Once things calm down the next couple of weeks we will make an announcement as to where we will be hosting next years main event!  Thanks for the great food, great fellowship, and All the hard work put in to this event.
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Thanks for letting me and ruddy fish it. Had a blast. Ready for next year!

Jared LeBlue

Quote from: ride1599 on April 05, 2016, 02:53:35 PM
Thanks for letting me and ruddy fish it. Had a blast. Ready for next year!
Thanks for coming and being a part of our team.
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Mike Cork

I know us northern folk will have trouble but we need to support those that support us any chance we get!

Lock Jaw put on an awesome show as usual :toot:

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