Installing a Minn Kota three bank charger. HELP

Started by Nightwind15, October 15, 2014, 08:24:03 PM

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Need help!  I bought a three bank charger and going to install it in the bilge area.  Has anyone done this or have a factory installed charger?  I would like to know the best way to mount this and where in the bilge it is mounted. So far all I can figure is to screw it to the port side wall and run the battery connection wires across to the three batteries batteries on the starboard side.  The leads are not quite long enough to secure them along the gunnel and across the transom.  I really would like to see a picture of how a factory or professional dealership installed one and what fasteners were used. 
Thanks in advance!


Do you have a pic of your compartment? Available space within reach of the leads is the key. Mine is secured to the forward bulkhead with 4 self tapping screws. But a Legend has lots of room in that compartment. I have seen folks mount it to the lid.


I can take pics of mine after work that I installed. I bought a piece of starboard (I believe it's called that) that I was able to screw to down and build a "bilge bridge" that the three bank charger is secured to. A Google search of bilge bridge should return images of my description, you may be able to do this depending on the layout of your boat.

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In my 201 pro startos I mounted a on board charger to the panel that covers the hoses and stuff for the livewells

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In my Stratos 285 Pro XL my 3 bank charger is mounted on the right rear side next to the cranking battery.  I had extension cables added to the charger due to the short length of the original cables. My trolling motor batteries are on the left side of the storage compartment.  Like BassBuff mentioned it all depends on how your under back deck storage area is laid out.  Mine is pretty much open to where you can get to the pumps and oil tank etc.  Here is a picture of my batter charger.

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