Questions regarding '86 Ranger BMC 373V

Started by Yack41, May 31, 2016, 12:11:52 PM

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Hey everyone! Just joined the boards here and I'm looking for opinions on an '86 Ranger BMC 373V. I'm a relatively new boat owner, only have owned an old 16' Lowe.

So the Ranger is in tip top condition, especially for a 30 year old boat. No cracks in the finish anywhere, all original seats are in great shape, carpeting is good. I haven't had a chance to get it on the water yet, but I'm told it runs good. The owner is an older man, original owner, and is currently battling cancer. He's asking 12k for it. It has new electronics, but original troll. It has an '86 Evinrude XP150 Bass Classic Special motor on it.

My questions are a) are there any particular things I should be looking for next time I check it out and hopefully run it, and b) is this price in the ballpark of what it should go for, or is it a "sentimental" I really don't wanna get rid of it price?

Any suggestions, comments, info, etc would be much appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time y'all!


At that price you could buy a much newer one. NADA shows it as a $3500-$4000 boat in the best of circumstances.
Brand spanking new they were around $15k . I would have to pass on that.
Stop by the Garage and let me know if you have Maintenance issues that you need assistance with.

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Yack41, welcome to UB, find another boat, average retail is around 3500 w/trailer

just too old to be worth much.  Good luck on your hunt
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Thanks for the help guys! I hadn't looked it up yet, but I figured that was way high. It's been the guy's baby for damn near 30 years, and if it weren't for the health issues I'm sure he wouldn't be selling it.