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2016 Classic Qualifiers

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The following members have qualified to fish this years Classic, by fishing a total of 6 events (Toledo Bend 2 day counts as 2):

Alex Morgan
Amy Toney
Andy Yerger
Brad Watson
Brandon Hudson
Brian Bradshaw
Buck Wells
Chad Young
Chris Lee
Cody Dollar
Cory Hooker
Dante Bates
David Hyatt
Douglas Lee
Gary Allen
Jason Pickett
Jeff Choate
Jeff Hooker
Jerry Lutterman
Jimmy Butcher
Joe Waddles
John Franklin
John Gullo
Johnny Costello
Johnny McCall
Josh Folks
Josh Rodriguez
Kenny Coleman
Kevin Lettau
Matt Clark
Michael Scotch
Mike Pilgreen
Mike Reagan
Ron Hathorn
Scott Garrelts
Scott Murphy
Scottie Franklin
Scotty VanArsdel
Shelly Bridges
Steven Flanagan
Stuart Toney
Toby Johnson
Todd Meyers
Tom Floyd
Trey Thompson
William Salone

If you have fished 6 events and your name is not on this list, please contact me as soon as possible to get it corrected. All team members must qualify individually, so if your regular partner hasn't qualified...then he cannot fish the Classic, but you can.
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