I like my speed.

Started by yota2000, September 22, 2016, 11:59:30 PM

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1985 ranger 373v with black max rx-2 150 hp. only mod is a 4 inch manual jack plate that was already on the boat when I purchase it. top speed 50mph but I back it down to 48mph. this was with 3 people and gears estimate total weight 500ish. using cell app navionics. does the speed sound good or could be better ?


I'd guess it's about right,I had a 96 393 with a 200 mercy ran about 65 mph 2 people full load of fuel and gear.


Going to try again 2morrow with 2 people and gears with 1 tank filled lol. Estimate weight 350lbs. Had a big guy last time lol


update, manage to hit 55 mph with above mention.  :)