Kitchen Lake 11/06/2016

Started by rockchalk06, November 06, 2016, 01:07:42 PM

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Mostly cloudy, wind out of the SE 15-20 MPH and 65 degrees.

Couldn't hit the north end as I was shore bound with munchkin today. Worked the complete south end running swim jigs in white and blue, top water sammy's, and pitched a D-Bomb for a few hours. Worked our way as far North on both the east and west sides as we could with zero luck.

I was excited as munchkin was wanting to keep going. I need to get him on some fish one of these days.

Got to test out my new Core 100MgFV and run one of the MGL's running a Sammy.

Time for some foozeball, and a FC drink with protection!


thanks for the report and sorry you didn't catch any fish but at least you got out and gave it a shot in that wind. ~c~ ~c~

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