Cheap Line Cutters

Started by FlatsNBay, November 19, 2016, 06:15:08 AM

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Go to Walmart or the dollar store and pick up some kid's scissors. I just caught them on sale for 2 for a dollar. They make excellent line cutters and even cut braid with ease. They are so cheap and small that you can carry one in every tackle bag and box.

Pacific NW Ron

At that price it doesn't hurt to bad if they only last one season or you lose them.
I might go get some at the dollar store, but I refuse to step into a Walmart.
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Capt. BassinLou

Since this is a line cutting tip thread, I have a quick question. Does anyone use their own fishing pliers for a line cutter?

I have been using my fishing pliers to cut all my lines for years. Place the knot between the sharp ends of the pliers, cinch hard and viola. One less piece of hardware to carry.


I carry toe nail clippers. They work great on the knot. Tags.. not so much for braid


Quote from: West6550 on November 19, 2016, 10:54:23 AM
I carry toe nail clippers. They work great on the knot. Tags.. not so much for braid
I buy them by the dozen at the beginning of the season. I wear out at least two pair and lose about the other half. Some day I will take the boat apart and find the motherload and enough dropshot weights to last a life time.
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MBB Nate

I just cut everything with my pocket knife.

Bud Kennedy

Well guys, In the MONO world just about anything works.  For Mono I tend to use plain old toe nail clippers.  But.....Since I seldom use mono most of my needs are for Braid.  Believe me I have tried them all.  And to some extent they work (Kinda) or the work for a while (Kinda).  At one time I had a total of 6 different line cutters in the boat and now I only have two.  Nail Clippers for Mono and Pit Bull Braid cutters for braid..  While the clippers are cheap the Pit Bulls are not ($20) But the get the job done better than anything I have used ever.  I also have a pair of compound diagonal cutters in the consoles should I ever have to perform a hook removal from living tissue.  These things will cut any size of hook normally used for bass fishing.  I highly recommend having some of this type of cutter on board.  I guess I am from the old school that wants to use the correct tool for the job and not just compromise because it is cheap.


I carry toe nail clippers which cut the knots perfectly (braid and mono).  To trim tag of braid.. I use my pocket knife since I also have one. I plan on buying the wife some pit bull cutters for Xmas cause she learned to tie her own baits this year lol but not so good at tag trimming :-)


I simply use Victorinox. as I lov to keep it in my pocket.