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Tackle tray divider tip

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One tip for when your setting up dividers in Plano style tackle trays. This is only for the Plano style boxes you have to cut apart the dividers before use.

Be careful not to cut them too short. I use a pair of shears cutting as close to centered as I can to separate them. Then I use a box knife to trim till I get the fit I want. Take your time this isn't a quick job.

You want to leave just enough of the material that they fit snugly when sliding them into the box. Not so tight they warp or bend the dividers. Just make sure they have to be pushed into their slot with a light steady pressure.

This way they are not shifting or sliding up and allowing hooks etc to slip up under them. Or in the event you are dumping out the box they aren't falling out.

This tip is especially useful when using the rubberized shelf liner in the lid to make a terminal tackle box. Usually when you first put the liner in the lid the small dividers sometimes want to stick to the new liner and opening the lid can cause havoc. Having the dividers custom fit with some pressure holding them in place stops this.

Good luck.
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