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Lip, Thanks!
No idea why I couldn't get it up?????? (well I do......but I won't admit it :))

Any way, it's basically what I talked about but instead of a three way swivel the take snap swivels and connect them to a snap swivel (O-ring).
Which will definitly make line twist even worse.
Plus, the Parachute rig is an 'offshore' trolling rig, not meant to be cast.

But I like the way you think Bassun!!!! ~c~

Final SHAMELESS PLUG..........if you anglers have enjoyed and learned somethings from following this thread..........CAST ME A VOTE on the tips contest!  ;D


Today or tomorrow is the last day to vote........I think!

Bottom line, there are some REALLY GREAT TIPS this year (every year) so check them ALL out because I guaranteed you'll find something to either help catch more fish or make your fishing time more enjoyable and place a VOTE for YOUR FAVORITE IDEA!!!!!!

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You are the best instructor! I mean it!  ~sun ~sun

Alright, another question :-*. Though I am 50, as a young student in bass fishing (my 3rd year) ;D, what if I put the weighted hook above and leave a buoyant lure (z-man ElaZtech) at the bottom, using the same leader? Have you tried this? It's an opposite (weighted hook at the bottom) of your suggested rig.

I am asking is because I heard that dropshot is generally used when fish already identified by fish finder. The issue is I normally fish ALONG (slow electronic trolling) the shoreline of a lake where no boat launch (I have to lift the boat with my friend), lot of grass at the bottom and shoreline, and only max 9.9 HP small boat is allowed in that lake. To reduce the total weight on the 12ft Porta bote (folding boat), I have to bring as little as possible and often not to bring fish finder on board. I am used to cast the bait toward the edge of the shoreline, let it sink, retrieve the bait back and see if fish will bite. The boat is light weight that it's hard for us to stay in one place, even 15 km/hr wind can blow us away. ~sweat

Anyway, it will be interesting to try both ways (weighted lure UP and DOWN).


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The weighted hook will ALWAYS seek the bottom and the floating bait will always rise.....no matter how you rig them.

I shorebust A LOT....so no electronics to help (Now my Hobie Kayak is loaded with electronics)
but shorebusting...nada.

This is why I developed and learned the 'POWER DROP SHOT' technique.
You can 'finesse' fish it if you want and STILL up the chances of getting bit.

But the REAL ADVANTAGE is you can power fish it and cast and drag the jig slowly across the bottom with a 'few' pauses to shake and wiggle it BUT this technique is a GREAT SEARCH BAIT technique!!!!!!!!!

You can even fish it like a Carolina rig (which is a great search presentation) but Carolina rigs are a pain to shorebust with.......ESPECIALLY IN GRASS!

Where as a JIG is great in grass/rock/gravel.....all most anywhere.

I'm going to be talking soon about it, BUT google 'Double Fluke Rig'......this set up is GREAT for fishing over grass and shallow waters......AND A BLAST TO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."


Thanks for this tip! I will give it a go this spring.

Do you often get strikes on the jig as well as the top lure? If so, what would you say the ratio is?


I've probably gotten a 'double'.....6-10 tmes in the last couple years.

Ratio of Jig to Center Bait........educated guess (from memory)......
Power Fishing it........60-70% jig....BUT I USE NuJigs, and they just flat out attract Bass.  ;)
Traditional 'finesse' drop shotting...........probably pretty close to 50/50.
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."



Thank you for your detailed comment. I will try them all! lo lo

"double fluke rig" seems mostly used on water surface (youtube videos). In the lakes I fish, fish normally stay more at the bottom (cold in Canada, Ha! ;D). I will try to make the baits heavier and let them sink more quickly.


I like the idea sorta like a two for one for one option. :-*   I will have to try it this season.


I love drop shot rigs, gotta try this one out, it has me intrigued!

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