Lake Overholster 02/25/2017

Started by rockchalk06, February 27, 2017, 09:51:35 AM

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45 degrees windy but sun was up. Worked the north bank all the way to the south west end. Fished into the wind all day hoping for some action.

No fish, but munchkin did get a small hybrid on a beetle spin. I ran white, green Swims and Chatterbaits. Swimbaits and Jigs didn't produce either. Lake had a heavy pressure of folks out.

Water was a churned up mess of beef stew. Visibility close to 4" if that.

You can't tell from this photo, but this fat drake lit on us and started to bath in the sun. He was banded.

Water levels were low, but not too bad for a reservoir. 


Thanks for the report Rock and it does look a little windy and cool out there.

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Mike Cork

With the bright sun, a little wind and all that rock  :-* you were in the right place I'd think...

But that's fishing, those super high pressure bluebird days can make the fishing tough.

Thanks for the report  ~c~

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