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CBC Tournament Rules and Regulations

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CBC Tournament

All members of the Club will observe all Federal, State and local fish and game laws for all species of fish eligible for tournament weigh-ins. The use of alcohol or controlled substances during any tournament will be strictly forbidden and subject to tournament disqualification and membership terminated.

All participants competing in tournaments must fish within the actual confines of the Tournament Lake accessible by boat. No fishing from the bank, in waders, floats or in tailrace

Fish species eligible for tournament weigh-ins are: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Kentucky Bass, Kentucky Spotted Bass, and Spotted Bass. Eligible species and size limits, slots, etc. shall be as prescribed by the SCDNR for each tournament lake.


  Each team will be allowed to weigh in a combined maximum of 5 fish. Any team possessing more than the tournament limit at any time during the day will have their catch for the day disqualified. A sixth fish may be temporarily retained during the act of culling.


The Tournament Director, or his/her designate, may measure all fish at each tournament and will have the authority to disqualify any individual fish, or stringer of fish, for failure to follow any tournament rules. Any illegal fish (short or 'slot' fish, depending on state regulations) will be disqualified and will not count towards the angler's weight.

If a member weighs a dead fish, the member will be assessed a 1 pound  penalty per each dead fish. If a dead fish is weighed for the big bass  pot, the penalty will be applied as applicable to the big bass weight, and total weight. The loss of penalty weight is conclusive and will not be added back to any total weights for the entire year.

Artificial type lures only may be used. (Pork rinds and strips are the only exception to this rule.) USE OF LIVE BAIT IS PROHIBITED.

Trolling is not permitted utilizing the main engine or Trolling motor


No fishing within fifty (200) feet of another Club boat, unless invited to move closer.


Only one (1) rod and reel per angler may be used at one time. Retrieval of the bait on one rod and reel must be completed before using another rod and reel to cast another bait.

No more than two paid tournament participants per boat will be allowed during any  tournament. The only exception to this rule is for an emergency condition due to a boat becoming unsafe. The Tournament Director will make a judgment ruling in such cases. Non-tournament participants must be approved by the Tournament Director prior to launch

Professional guides (except for Charter members of the CBC)may not compete in club tournaments on the lakes they guide on. Guides shall not be used in the tournament, nor can they be used within 30 days prior to the tournament date on the Tournament Lake.

Tournament lakes will be off-limits at 6:00 pm the day before the tournament.

Check in will begin at least 1 hour before the tournament start time and will close 20 minutes prior to start time. This provides the Tournament Director a chance to reach his spot, considering he is an equal participant in the tournament.

All Tournament participants must check in at the weigh-in site during the times listed above. In the event of a late arrival, the late angler must contact a Club Officer to establish a meeting place to sign in, pay entry fees and check the anglersí livewell before Tournament fishing can legally begin.

No team may weigh in if they did not check in prior to fishing.

After signing in, paying entry fees and having their livewell checked, anglers may proceed to their first spot.

Anglers may start fishing at the tournament start time listed on the Club schedule.