Bell Cow Lake 08/05/2017

Started by rockchalk06, August 05, 2017, 11:56:06 AM

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Temps in the high 70's, windy and sunny. Not much cloud cover at all.

Water levels are way up. Boaters will love this, but shore bounders are stuck.

Started the morning off with a 110 Whopper Plopper in Loon. Ran it everywhere. Around grass, timber and rock. No luck.

Sun came out and I switched to a 10" Culprit worm in Pumpkin sand color. I left every pack of 7-10" worms at home and only had this. Used a 1/4 oz pegged tungsten weight on a 4/0 Stickr screw lock flipping hook. No luck. Not a bite.

Ran swims jigs in several colors and two different swim baits. No luck.

Wind started picking up 30 plus and turned what water clarity there was to good ole red dirt soup. Switched to a black/blue/brown NuTech chatter bait with a  Shagnasty midnight flash paddle tailed trailer. I banged that sucker off every tree, dock, rock and blade of grass I could find. No luck.

I almost broke out the Senko's, but didn't want to fight the head wind at this point.

Had a blast using my new Loomis GLX843 MBR though. Nice and cool compared to the 100's we had last couple of weeks.


Thanks for the report Rock and sorry you couldn't get any fish to bite. Here ya go I found something for you.  lo lo

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Mike Cork

That's some great looking water  :-* shame the bite was off. Thanks for the photos and report!

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