Ranger Plant Tour

Started by LC, August 30, 2017, 02:25:45 PM

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I'm planning to tour the Ranger plant 9/1/17.  Does anyone know if the aluminum plant is part of the tour?


I toured the Ranger Boat plant in Flippin and it was extremely interesting.  I was very impressed with the quality, engineering and attention to fisherman details that Ranger puts into their products.  Although they don't offer tours to the aluminum plant (that I was really interested in) my tour guide Hugh Dewey did slip me in for a sneak peak at part of the plant...Thanks Hugh! 
My guide Hugh has been with Ranger for 40 years and was extremely knowledgeable of the manufacturing processes.   
Seeing the manufacturing process is really going to make the wait until January of 2018 to order my boat even the more agonizing!


Well that is great. I've never toured a boat plant but watched several on YouTube. Watching some of the craftsmen at work is pretty amazing.