2005 Ranger 519 comanche. Recessed foot control

Started by STANGDUDERANGER, September 18, 2017, 01:15:37 PM

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Is it at all possible to easily, as in my boat is cut out for it, installed on my front deck. The standard raised foot control is tearing my legs up.

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I see this is your first post and would like to welcome you to Ultimate Bass. I don't own a boat but I'm sure some of the other members who own Rangers or have done this kind of thing will be glad to share what they know as soon as they see this post. When you have time would you please stop by here and introduce yourself to all the good folks around here. Thanks

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I know many have done it without any problems.  I have not because I am just uncomfortable cutting into my deck.  Although it probably is not a big deal other than digging out all that foam in a ranger hull it still is worrysome to cut the deck.  I keep saying if I decide to get new carpet then I will do it but I will still freak out if I do.

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Welcome to the UltimateBass Family we're glad you're here  ~c~

I don't have a Ranger but I've seen the recess plates in a lot of them.  I have one in my Stratos and there is a world of difference.  I don't have the back or lower leg issues like I had before.

I didn't install it myself I had our local marine dealership do it.
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Stangduder, welcome aboard, don't for get to enter the new members contest, you could win a nice prize!!
Google your boat and how to mount a recess pan and you'll probably find a video or 3 showing how to do it.
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Good info, hope to put one in a 364V I recently purchased


Here is a detailed video on how my friend Marc installed one on his Triton. Your Ranger is no different. Mark is a pretty detail oriented guy so enjoy his video. Mark goes by Working Fisherman on youtube and has many interesting videos on his channel.  He is part of The Bass College, another board I belong to


By the way welcome to our UB family. You will find everyone is happy to help each other out.


I put one in my 2004 Ranger 185VS, so I'd say you can too. Any questions ab out Call Ranger and ask them, I did and they told me what to expect and how to deal with it.

I chose the EZ Troll pan. There are several on the market but no matter what brand you choose go to the EZ Troll website and watch their VERY Detailed Video on how to do it right.

BTW, one of the best decisions I've made for the boat.