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Bad News & Good News

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Bud Kennedy

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The bad new is the cd/dvd rw drive croaked in my 10 year old I Mac and a replacement drive is no longer available for this model of I Mac

The good news is that I ordered an external drive system made by LG and it got the job done.  Very quiet and fast and loaded my tax software with ease.  New drive was $30.  I am happy with that. 

Pacific NW Ron

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Glad you got it fixed and didn't cost much.  Those external drives are great for emergency's and back ups.  I back up most of my communications and like you tax records.
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Mike Cork

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Cool, now I can send you our tax stuff and you can hook Mother Up :surrender: ~roflmao
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Cool, now I can send you our tax stuff and you can hook Mother Up :surrender: ~roflmao
Doing them taxes can get you all cross eyed trying to figure them out. I got ours done and it only took about an hour with Turbo Tax. As long as you have all the paperwork you need it's not to bad. We should be getting our refund in our checking account by the 20th of next month.  ~c~ ~c~ I'm going to take a couple of hundred of it to feed the monkey and let Diana have the rest to get some new furniture off offer up with what she don't use to get some work done on her tooth. 

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I don't think I would trust myself to do it even with the help of the software. My sister used to do mine when she was alive. Now my cousin who is a CPA and tax specialist does it for me for free. I don't think I ever payed to have my taxes done in my life but never had to do it myself so I'm grateful for that.
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I used to use Turbo Tax then my wife found  a group that does them for retirees for free. We just hand them the paperwork and in less than an hour it's done, filed and we're off to lunch.
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My sister's an accountant, so we get ours done for free. We usually go over with snacks and cards or board games, she knocks out our filing (which are simple anyway), then we spend the evening just hanging out.

Filing a simple household return is easy, it's when you get into business expenses, gains and losses, donations and all that crap that it gets complicated. But my sister already has a program that's basically a blank W-2, she copies all the info into it exactly as it's shown on my W-2 and it does the rest automatically. Then she reviews it, we review it, she checks past filings to see if anything's been missed, and we sign it. For her clients who have more complicated issues, that's just where she starts. Many of them are self employed and small business owners and don't even get a W-2.

First and only time I got someone else to do it, because she was sick as hell and I lived pretty far away, they said "By the way, you own livestock now..."
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