Two Entries For Charter Members

Started by Lipripper, February 27, 2018, 10:05:10 AM

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There has been some question raised about a Charter members second entry into all our contest and how to do it so here is how it's suppose to be done.

Please submit two entries, in the second entry please state "CM Entry". Every email entry Mike get gets a separate number and then he uses a basic random number generator to give him a winner. Then he goes back through the email folder to find the winner. So in order to get assigned two possible numbers you need to physically enter twice.

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Thanks for making this a sticky Lip!!!  ~c~

Just a reminder to new members that if you enter the New Member contest and become a Charter Member, each New Member drawing you qualify for will get you two entries there too, and you don't even have to send any emails at all for that one  :-*

All of the other contests will require the two separate email entries in the way that Lip stated above.

Good luck everybody!!!
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