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Do You Feel Lucky

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OK all y'all Utah Bass Fishermen  come on down and enter all the contest we have going on around here. Just click on the links below and get in on the fun.

NuTech Lure Giveaway 4 Mar 18

Bassmaster Classic Guess the Winning Weight 2018 OFFICIAL THREAD

Dobyns Rod Contest

And this one isn't started yet but it will be soon so be sure to check back later.  ;D
Tips Contest
OK here is the place to vote for your picks
2018 Tips Contest Nominations Thread

and in case you missed zippy's post we also have this  contest open to everyone too.
Here's where you can read the rules
and here's where you sign up  ;D
April 2018 UB IBASS tourney official thread

hope to see some of y'all stopping by and getting in some of the fun stuff we have going on around here.  ;D

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