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Phenix M1

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Looking at picking up a phenix m1 heavy action, does anyone have any experience with these rods? Strength, sensitivity and what not?

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I haven't used/tried the M1 BUT I have a custom build (LSCR) with a Phenix blank.
It may/probably is the K2 blank.....Lee knows  and I also have another custom coming on a Phenix Blank.

It's massively sensitive and I'm kind of a Rod nut and the strength and sensitivity are GREAT!!!

So I can only tell you what I have BUT I'm VERY IMPRESSED with the Phenix rod line up!!!!!!!

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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I know the custom guys build with the phoenix line quite a bit. If you get please let us know what you think. Don't get many folks talking about them here so your opinion would be greats intel for the pages here.
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