Any input on a new (to me) Cajun??

Started by OlivernLola, May 26, 2018, 10:11:05 PM

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Evening all!  I am not only new to this forum, but new to boats in general. I may be getting a 1995 Cajun 160pro tomorrow. I am wondering if anyone can give me any input you might have on these boats. The boat looks great, was winterized and has sat for two years. I am getting a great deal on it so I don't mind putting a little money to tune her up and what not. I am wondering, are these typically fast enough/able to tow a tube or water skis? I see they have been discontinued... but I read reviews and I see mostly positive. Thanks in advance to anyone with some input!!



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What motor does is have? Has it been stored outside or inside?

I don't know much about specific to Cajun boats. I can't tell you how well it will pull skiers or tubes. What I can tell you is spend the money to have a reputable shop go over the boat and most importantly the motor. Have a compression test done. Lower unit inspected and pressure tested. $100-$150 up front can save you a bundle.

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You didn't mention what size outboard it has.  I concur with Princeton_Man get that motor checkout first.  Afterwards give the boat itself a good going over.  Take a look a the floors make sure they're not rotted out.  Have the Transom checked for stress cracks and any possible damaged.  Get the steering looked at also.  If its cable steering you want to ensure there's no nicks in the cables.

Good luck with the purchase.
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I would also look at the bottom of the boat too. You don't want to see any gouges or large cracks, push up on it in different spots, if it gives run do not walk away from it.
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The Cajun is a great stable boat. If it is not underpowered it will pull a skier and tuber just fine.

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Thank you all for the input! Much appreciated!!