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Bass Fishing in Okinawa, Japan

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Hello all.  I recently got stationed back on the "Rock" Okinawa, Japan and have heard there is some good fishing spots to catch bass here.  i am an avid bass fisherman from Florida and left all my gear back home to my son.  I have currently been ordering and restocking yet another few sets of rod, reels and equipment.  I know of some places here that produce, but anyone know of some spots not so hard to get too?  I live right next to Zakimi Lake and have a Sea Eagle 285 in route for use while I'm here.  Can anyone assist with some advice on baits and locations?

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Welcome aboard and thank you for your service!  ~c~
Not able to offer advice for Okinawa but, you are in a great place to buy quality baits and tackle.

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If you look a few posts down in the International Fishing Reports section, there is a thread about bass fishing in Okinawa.  Most of the information is 7 years old, but there are some updates from people there more recently.

Okinawa isn't a great place for freshwater lures, but if you head up to Tokyo, there are a few great shops....Just save up, first.  I walked in with $500, just for lures, and walked out wishing I had brought more money.
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