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Do you need any help with the forum or navigation?

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Ultimate Bass has become a very large forum with many boards. It can get overwhelming for new members to navigate or learn how to post a question. If you are having trouble finding the right place to post a question, or are having trouble replying to a post, or starting a new thread, you've found some help.

Just click one of these names and the forum will open a page. Now all you have to do is scroll to the empty box and type your question or issue and click the "send message" button and your question will be answered in no time, usually minutes if during business hours. 

Lipripper extremely knowledgeable moderator, if he doesn't know he'll find out

Smallie_Stalker extremely knowledgeable community diplomat

Ron Fogelson is an administrator on Ultimate Bass and truly knows how it all works.

Mike Cork, I am the owner and can help with almost anything.

Just click one of the names and we'll get you fixed up.
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