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LOZ, 10-22

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D.W. Verts

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Sunny, breezy 10-15 mph out of the South to Southwest. Air temps 54-67. Water visibility is too clear, water temps 66-69. Lake level is down about two feet, and it seems to be falling.

Worked on the fish that I found late in the day last week- they had moved some but were still in the same creeks, 14-28MM. Caught 25 or 27 keepers today (I lost count, sue me), most in 15-17 feet of water suspended under shad at around 12 feet. This was usually over 25' of water, or so. It's a tricky bite, and it's all about timing. Plus, I spent at least three hours today just graphing and looking for these fish. When I found the ones that were eating the bite was fast until it wasn't.

I caught fish on a flutter spoon, a 1/2 oz. swim jig, a 3/4 oz. spinnerbait and a couple on a DD 22.  These were some of the big fish I found last week- I had maybe five over four pounds with a 6-9 big bass, and lost one over seven at the boat.

Folks, these are tricky fish to catch. They're roaming off shore, and off structure, just following the larger shad. For kicks I went to a set of shallow docks and in ten minutes time I had three bites on a Spook, with one being a three-pounder. The shallow bite is very solid right now on the LOZ and will continue so for a while.
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Thanks for the report Dale!  Sounds like it wasn't a bad day
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