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No Sound on Windows 10 machine

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The most recent update to Windows 10 (version 1809 also known as the October 2018 update) is a bad update and should be avoided. It's been causing all kinds of different problems for different people to include deleting files on the hard drive, breaking NAS and driver issues among the long list. MS pulled it for awhile, said they fixed it and reissued it only to have different sets of problems happen.

Right-click your start menu button and choose "System" near the top of the list. When the page opens in settings scroll down to where it says "Windows specifications" and check where it says "Version". If that says 1809 that may be your problem. Since you've already tried restoring to an earlier point and it didn't work you may have to contact either HP or MS to find out where to go from here.

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I have a copy of Win2000, best OS ever
Have a copy of NT also, but it is for one of my cnc machine at work, so cant part with it.
May even have 95 or 3.1, I will take a look