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Potomac River 4/7

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We did a little 'friendly' tournament style with 5 boats.  Best 5 fish per boat got totaled up. 

1st - 18.71lb
2nd - 17.4lb
3rd - 14.6lb (the boat i was on)
4th - 7.4lb
5th - had 3 keepers but did not weigh them

Launched out of Leesylvania at about 7:15. High tide was marked for 9:11 for Woodbridge, so we figured where we were, near occoquan, it was going to be around 9:15.   At time of launch, water temps were around 55 degrees.  Water closest to main river registered as high as 56 degrees by the time we moved spots.  We made a run around 10:30 to an area a little further into Occoquan, water temps there registered as warm as 61. 

Fish came in 2 major waves, right as tide was going to go slack, then again as it approached full strength outgoing.  Almost all fish were caught on moving baits.  Shad cranks and Chatterbaits reigned supreme.   The early fish were tight to cover, while the fish caught at the second location seemed to be a bit more spread out.  All fish were healthy, and appeared to be getting ready to really get moving.   

No visible grass of note.  Still pulling up the 'dead' grass that appears black.  Green stuff (i'd guess) will be starting to show up over the next week or 2. 
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Thanks for the report and you at least y'all caught some fish.  ~c~ ~c~

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Very cool!! Sounds like it was fun, thank you for sharing.  ~c~